EUROPEAN HYPOCRISY EXPOSED: The Israeli Occupation Army and the EU

While Palestinians are being massacred, the hypocrisy of European governments vis-à-vis their arms trade with Israel takes grotesque dimensions. While the USA openly supports Israel by directly financing its war machine and while the lack of the credibility of the UN has proved ineffectual in its ability to stop the Israeli genocide, Europe takes on the role of the neutral, peace-seeking bystander condemning Israel’s atrocities while calling for an immediate end to the ceasefire.
France’s Sarkozy is touring the Middle East as bona fide peacemaker, the UK’s discredited Blair is the coordinator of the so-called peacemaking quartet, Germany is-as-always ready to play referee between Israel and resistance groups, while Switzerland continues to pose as the neutral peace dove in international politics.
But Europe is far from innocent. The UK, Germany, France and Switzerland amongst others actively contributed to the current atrocities in Palestine as they have to past onslaughts against the Palestinian people necessary to reinforce Israel position as an illegal colonial and settler outpost in the Middle Eastern region.


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