Tel Aviv University – A Leading Israeli Military Research Centre

May 28, 2009

“In the rough and tumble reality of the Middle East, Tel Aviv University is at the front line of the critical work to maintain Israel’s military and technological edge.
(Tel Aviv University Review, Winter 2008-9)

Haaretz writes “U.S. to continue funding Israel anti-missile system”

May 20, 2009

Latest US-Israeli military cooperation

May 16, 2009

The news gets more and more upsetting. We can’t let this go on without raising our voices. See this latest bit of news on US complicity in Israel’s military operations:

McHenry gets $37M order

May 11, 2009

The facility will share the workload with General Dynamics’ partner RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd., Ordnance Systems Division, of Haifa, Israel.

For more information see:

3 news items on Arms trade to Israel

April 30, 2009

Canadian Military Exports to Israel: Aiding and Abetting War Crimes in Gaza (2008-2009)

From Dutch Campaign Against Arms Trade

Russia Makes 1st Foreign Purchase of UAVs from Israel

Pine Bluff Arsenal to get $25M from stimulus

April 30, 2009

Associated Press – March 27, 2009 8:04 AM ET

WHITE HALL, Ark. (AP) – The Pine Bluff Arsenal expects to receive $25 million from the federal economic stimulus package.

Larry Wright, Pine Bluff Arsenal civilian executive assistant, says that money will figure into $116.3 million worth of improvements planned for the base in White Hall. Wright told the Pine Bluff Rotary club on Thursday that the stimulus money will help remove asbestos, repair roofs and modernize its manufacturing operations.

The Pine Bluff Arsenal, a 13,000-acre base near Little Rock that once housed some of the Army’s deadliest chemical and biological weapons, is the only plant in North America that manufactures white phosphorus rounds.

Information from: Pine Bluff Commercial,

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From Amnesty International USA: The U.S. government just delivered a massive new arms shipment to Israel

April 6, 2009

Grill State Department officials for answers on why the U.S. would deliver these arms to Israel after the violations in Gaza.

Dear Reader,

New information obtained by Amnesty researchers this week confirmed a massive shipment of U.S. weapons was delivered to Israel on March 22nd.

The administration allowed the delivery, despite clear evidence of Israeli human rights violations, some amounting to war crimes, including the controversial use of U.S. made white phosphorous munitions over densely populated areas. That’s the white phosphorous that sticks to flesh and sears it until completely deprived of oxygen.

You and I need the State Department to know that they can’t just plop tons of weapons into the hands of a known serious human rights violator without getting grilled.

Ask State Department officials why the U.S. would deliver these arms to Israel.

Last month, our researcher from Gaza came to Washington, DC and met with State Department officials to present our evidence of Israeli war crimes in Gaza. They told us during those meetings that they were concerned and would review our evidence.

Refueling Israel with tons of new explosives.

Label on the remains of a missile that killed three paramedics and a child, Gaza, January 2009.

The State Department has a moral and legal obligation to make sure U.S. weapons don’t go to foreign forces with a record of committing gross human rights violations.

So, what happened? Did they decide against overwhelming evidence that Israel’s actions were completely justified and didn’t violate numerous international and U.S. laws? Did they put any extra restrictions on the use of these new arms?

With this new shipment just landing, we have a unique opportunity to find out exactly what happened to the State Department’s review into Israel’s misuse of U.S. weapons. There should be little difficulty in simply revealing the outcome of such a review. Yes we want a full embargo. But we need to be smart and push them one step at a time.

Ask the State Department officials in charge of U.S. arms exports to come clean on their findings of Israel’s use of U.S. weapons in Gaza.

There is no way you and I can let tons of weapons land in Israel’s hands with no questions asked.

We’ve got enough supporters to actually make something happen here. Send your letter now, and we’ll let you know what happens.


Edie, Zahir, Colby, Steve and the rest of the team tracking this issue

P.S. If you get any replies with information, please send them to us at with “Arms for Israel” in the subject line. We’ll be asking the same questions in person, and we’ll let you know once we get some answers.